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Watson Lung Sound Monitor 129.png

The WATSON ES1 is an electronic stethoscope that is optimized to capture lung sounds / breath sounds.

  • The sound pick up unit (SPU) seen here connects to your bluetooth mobile device and captures low intensity sounds (normal breathing) and high frequency sounds (wheeze - adventitious breath sounds - CABS), transmits them to your mobile device allowing you to hear and record them.

  • The MEMs based technical design allows you to independently amplify weaker sounds and increase the volume of sounds heard for the attenuated listener.

  • The range of sound capture is from 20-2000 hz with specific filters allowing you to emphasize abnormal lung sounds.

  • Annotation capability allows you to define where you captured the sound with a simple touch of the APP.

  • Your sound is recorded and kept for you to transfer by text, email, or any other state of the art means. 

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